26 tips to make college dorms look cool without breaking rules


“Judy and I were so close we could have come from the same womb. We weren’t like brothers or sisters but there was no love affair there, there was more than a love affair. It’s very, very difficult to explain the depths of our love for each other. It was so special. It was a forever love. Judy, as we speak, has not passed away. She’s always with me in every heartbeat of my body.”

Photographer: Matt Armendariz

Lost In Clouds III Jacob Jugashvili Georgia Original: $1,250
I just don’t understand why. I’m not sure I ever will.

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cherry blossoms in Swarthmore, pennsylvania, taken by me


Looking for a quick and dumbbell free arm workout? Here’s my Arms on Fire Pilates routine that will surely give you sleek and svelte arms! Go ahead and print and take with you to the gym! For larger image and video demo go here:
And thanks to Kimberly of Arthlete for cartoonifying me!
<3 Cassey

Arms On Fire!!! :D

I hope I made the right decision.

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